Tracey Bonsell

Regardless of age or grade, I want every student to feel and be successful at writing!

I am a native Californian now residing in the beautiful town of Hollister. I earned a BA from Cal State University Bakersfield in 1986 in the field of Communication/Journalism, and married in 1992. I love sports, Mexican food, most types of music, and BASEBALL!

Mostly, I am just an average homeschool mom who loves to write and teach writing to children. I have three children and educated them at home for all the way through high school. I began teaching writing using the Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW) curriculum in 2007 when I began teaching it to our small co-op (made up of all boys!). Since then I have seen our children blossom as writers using the tools that they have learned through the IEW curriculum.

I am a Certified IEW Instructor, and have completed all the requirements and hours for teaching at a “certified” level. 

If you are struggling to teach writing or your child is struggling to “get it”, I would invite you to enroll your child in a class. You will see what I have found- that IEW can propel your student to writing confidence!

– Tracey Bonsell

Certified IEW Instructor

I am a former homeschooling mom with a BA in Communications. I have been teaching IEW’s courses since 2007, first to my own children, then to our co-op. Then word spread, and now I am teaching children all over the country using the famed IEW Structure and Style curriculum.