Charter School Students

For students enrolled in Ocean Grove Charter School, Sky Mountain Charter School, or South Sutter Charter School, you can register for classes online. Please be sure to have all of the class materials by the first day of class, and bring all the materials every week.

**Parents, please only sign up your child if he or she can sit well-behaved for 60 minutes in a classroom situation. Ongoing class disruptions are not conducive to a learning environment and enrollment may be terminated if problems persist.

Please have your ES request two separate purchase orders, one for each semester, for a RANGE of dates (August 18th-December 15th; January 5th- May 29). These will cover all thirty-four weeks of instruction. Local Fall semester is $240 for 16 classes; Spring semester is $270 for 18 classes. Online tuition is $280 for Fall, $300 for Spring.
The charter school does not pay for classes for which there is no purchase order, therefore it is your responsibility to pay for classes taken if there is no purchase order for that class.
The Fall Semester Purchase Order must be received PRIOR to the start of the semester (August 18th). If a Purchase Order is not received prior to the class, the parents are responsible for payment for the class. IEM Charter Schools are allowing access to Fall funds early this year, so please request your PO ASAP.

The Winter/Spring Semester P.O. can be requested at the same time as the Fall semester P.O., or by your ES in November when the second semester funds are available. It must be received by me before classes resume in January.

By registering for the Fall semester, you are committing to a year-long class. Because I cannot fill seats mid-way through the year, you are responsible for Spring tuition even if your student drops the class.

Thank You!