…about Tracey and Writing Essentials

What parents are saying about Writing Essentials:

What an amazing class! The practical writing tools that this class provides will be with your children for a lifetime! This class took my boys from “C” writers to a “A” writers. Mrs. Bonsell does a wonderful job teaching this class.

Lisa Laguna

Homeschool Mom

I received (my student’s) Writing Assessments back today and they both scored 4! (out of 4) I attribute their success in part to you and your awesome IEW writing boot camp I hosted in the fall.

Chelsea W.


Our children have been enrolled in Tracey’s IEW class this year. In the last few months, we have seen them meet the challenges of writing the assignments with growing confidence. Hearing key words and phrases from class coming out in everyday conversations, they identify the components of writing in everything from a discussion of logic to a radio commercial or television show. Tracey’s guidance has given our kiddos fantastic tools they will use for the rest of their lives. We all love having her as a teacher!

Chrystal Tuckness

Ocean Grove Charter School Mom

IEW has been a great help to my boys (ages 11 and 14) over the last several years, as they have learned to summarize information, work logically to plan out a writing assignment, and increased their vocabulary and grammar skills. Tracey Bonsell has been instrumental in teaching IEW in way that’s easy to understand and helps us get the most out of this valuable writing program.

Kathy Silva

Homeschool Mom

Mrs. Bonsell’s class has helped me understand how to help my son develop his writing skills across a variety of genres. Her methods and sense if humor have changed the process of writing from being a tearful struggle to an objective process to which we apply our collection of “dress-ups” and sentence structures to his own ideas and compose a paper he looks forward to sharing in class. Thank you, Tracey!

Christina Mayer

Homeschool Mom