What Is IEW?

The IEW writing curriculum is a wonderful aid to help equip students with the tools they need to become proficient writers.

All of my classes are taught using the teaching methods that I have learned from the Institute for Excellence in Writing. Because I have used it with my own children, I have seen first hand how the techniques implemented on an incremental basis really serve to inspire and equip young writers to be able to express themselves well on paper.

Through the IEW curriculum, I will teach not only the structure of writing (what goes where and why) but also the style of good writing. Think of writing as a building. The structure is the foundation, beams, pillars, and drywall. The structure is necessary, but not really all that pretty. The style on the other hand is the windows and carpets, the wall coloring and decor. The style is what makes a building interesting. In the same way, writing style can be learned to make a student’s writing interesting and more professional. I teach these writing tools incrementally, each one building upon the last.

For more information on the IEW curriculum, visit the IEW website.